Savings Tips & More

Using Your Member Benefits To Save Money – Easily!

Now is the time to start saving money at the grocery store, when shopping for yourself or those perfect gifts at many of your favorite retailers and other merchants, dealing with your car, having fun with friends or family and even when deciding to take a vacation!

Imagine never having to pay full price again for many of your favorite products and services, as well as for key necessities.

The largest selection of simple to use money saving discounts and benefits have been packaged together into this single, comprehensive savings club that was designed to be simple to use. Forget about joining multiple programs and clubs, such as Travel, Shopping, Grocery and Entertainment…you get it all, in this one single club that offers the very best savings and discounts for the entire family!

Members can easily save up to $3,000.00 per year on popular products and services that you might already be using, from leading merchants and other vendors.

We try to make it as simple as possible for members to save money by providing them with this simple to understand “Fast Start Savings Tips and Example Savings” section that highlights some of the easiest to use and most popular benefits for members that we highly recommend as a great way to start using your available benefits to save money.

The Ultimate Membership Program

Saving Money has never been this simple! The portfolio of available benefits offers members an unprecedented opportunity to save money and in many cases, time, as well, when purchasing many popular products and services.

Using Your Benefits - Simple and Convenient

When you review the number of benefits and services that are available to you as a member, you will easily see the large number of choices that you have to save money. This allows you to use any of your available benefits from time to time, and as you might need them to realize significant savings on the products and services you might need or already use.

Take the time to review all of the available benefits that are conveniently listed throughout your membership fulfillment website. See which benefits and savings opportunities that you might want to take immediate advantage of, or which benefits may be of use at a later date.

Getting The Most Out Of Your Membership

Your available benefits and savings opportunities can save you up to $3,000 or more per year depending on which benefits you use and the number of times you do use them. From planning your vacation and deciding to take a cruise to shopping for gifts for all your friends and family…all year long, it is important to get the most out of your available benefits by actually understanding and using them.

So Many Benefits Means Choices

Instead of offering members only a few benefits from which to choose to use, your club membership includes everything our vendor negotiators can put together. This allows our members to have it all in one club - Entertainment, Travel, Grocery, Shopping, Automotive and more, thus allowing members to pick what they want and when they want to use them. You can start saving money today with your membership benefits.

It really is that simple!

Suggestions and Savings Tips

Your member benefits have been selected to provide you with the most comprehensive package of ways to save money. The benefit descriptions are simple to understand and very easy to use, so that you can actually use your available benefits to save money.

The following lists four helpful tips to follow as well as some of your available benefits and money saving opportunities that we highly recommend as a great way to use your benefits to start saving money on the products and services that you want. These suggestions may not entirely apply to you, but should offer some insight into just what your membership can actually do to help you save money. We want our members to be able to use their benefits to save money on what they want, helping to make 1,000’s of products and key services more affordable.


Member Savings Tip #1 Take time to review and understand your available member benefits that are listed throughout the fulfillment website.

Member Savings Tip #2 Decide which of your benefits might be of immediate use, possibly for products and services you currently use and which benefits could be of use in the future, such as for planning your next vacation.

Member Savings Tip #3 Make sure to use the most popular benefits, a few of which are listed below, to help you to get the most out of your membership.

Member Savings Tip #4 Make sure, whenever possible, that you use your available benefits to shop for most, if not all of your gifts for friends, family and co-workers. Imagine if you never had to pay full price for great gifts for just about everyone and for any occasion!

Use the below listed Example Savings to get the most out of this fantastic program so that you can start saving money almost immediately. We are talking about great benefits that provide huge savings on many of the most popular products and services from leading merchants and other providers.

(Based upon certain member usage)

Benefit Estimated Annual Savings
Automotive $25
Candy $25
Car Rentals $45
Cash Back Shopping Mall $105
Cellular Phone Savings $65
Concerts & Sporting Events $70
Dining $385
Featured Merchant Savings $125
Flowers $42
Fragrances $42
Games, Comics and Toys $75
Gift Shopping $216
Groceries $205
Halloween Costumes $68
Home Furnishings $78
Major Merchant Gift Vouchers $240
Movie Tickets $80
Pet Food & Accessories $212
Prescription Medications $180
Special Vendor Discounts & Offers $120
Software $50
Sporting Goods $65
Theme Parks & Attractions $215
Travel & Vacations $408
Vitamins $74
Monthly Redeemable Reward For Gift Vouchers $300

(Total annual savings will vary by member based upon use of the available benefits)

Average per month in savings: $292.00

The above Member Savings Example does assume an active member using 15% of the total available member benefits over a 12 month time-frame which results in significant savings during that time period.

A member that uses less benefits and less frequently will have much lower savings, while a member that uses benefits more frequently will save even more money over that same time period.