$50 Monthly Entertainment Reward - Each And Every Month

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Now you can take advantage of the very best way to save money, earn valuable rewards and enjoy your favorite entertainment, as a member of Fundraising Nation Rewards that allows you to shop at select, leading name brand merchants for their favorite entertainment related products and services and earn for each such purchase, a 10% Entertainment Reward, up to a total of $50 in earned rewards per month, that can be redeemed for your choice of popular entertainment related merchant Gift Vouchers that you can then use to purchase anything you want from the merchant you chose. These are real gift vouchers for that merchant!

You can now enjoy hassle free shopping from the comforts of your own home, using the convenient Entertainment Rewards merchant area that can be found once you login to this member benefit fulfillment website. You can then shop where you want from the available entertainment related merchants and earn your rewards for each and every purchase, up to $50 per month. You can then choose how you want to collect your earned Entertainment Rewards, in the form of a major entertainment related merchant gift voucher that you get to choose to receive, such as a $50 Amazon Gift Voucher, or $50 iTunes Gift Voucher, or any other merchant gift voucher that are is available to be selected.

Earn Your Reward Each & Every Month
This is not a gimmick or hard to get reward. The highest paying reward for the purchases you make from your favorite entertainment related retailers help to make it very simple to earn your monthly $50 Reward when you are earning 10% on each and every purchase as your reward that will be mailed to you in the form of a major merchant gift voucher that you get to choose, at no cost or surcharge...not even postage when it is mailed to you.

Why pay full price when shopping at your favorite Entertainment merchants?
Just use this one, single benefit to save money on many of your purchases with access to special offers, coupons and more, while earning 10% back in the form of Entertainment Rewards, up to a maximum amount of $50, each and every month you remain an active member, and that means in a full year, you can earn and receive up to $600.

This top rated and highest paying reward program is only available exclusively to members and is not open to the general public. This unique and valuable program really is the ultimate Entertainment related program that lets you shop at popular brand merchants for music, cellular phones, movies, games, accessories, ebooks and more, with all of these purchases that you make from the available leading brand merchants allows you to earn and receive up to $50 each and every month you remain a member, while also being able to save money on these same purchases that you make with discounts, sales, special offers, coupons and daily deal codes and more, all of which that are updated frequently with valuable savings opportunities that can result in up to $1,000 or more in savings throughout the year depending on how often you shop and the number of Special Offers or Coupons you decide to take advantage of when using this innovative Entertainment Rewards program.

Earn The Ultimate Reward – 10% On All Qualifying Purchases Up To $50 Per Month
Take advantage of your $50 Monthly Entertainment Reward to earn and receive up to a $50 gift voucher to your favorite merchant, as well as save money with additional Special Offers and Coupons that you can use while purchasing your favorite Entertainment and related products and services.

Never Pay Full Price Again When Shopping For Yourself, Friends or Family
Starting today, you will not have to pay full price again when shopping at many of your favorite entertainment and entertainment related retailers and other providers, whether looking for great gifts for friends and family or simply shopping for what you want and most likely already use for yourself.